Transform Your Smile In One Day

Same Day Dental Implant Patient Smiling

Interested in having a brand new smile instantly? Get same day dental implants from Dr Clark and the amazing team at Same Day Smile Designs in Mission Viejo, CA. The artists at Same Day Smile Designs offer a multitude of different and unique ways to obtain a brand new smile. They include partial removable dentures, dental bridges, or full mouth dental implants, and each service is customized based on your individual needs. Dr Michael Clark and Dr Ashkan Haeri have over 30 years of combined experience placing dental implants, and are experts at helping patients with complete tooth loss and severe bone loss achieve beautiful new smiles using innovative technology. 


Ways to Correct Your Smile

Partial removable dentures: If you have missing teeth, partial removable dentures are used to connect remaining teeth together, and can be placed in the upper or lower jaw.

Dental bridges: Similar to partial removable dentures, dental bridges are used to fill in the gaps, enhancing your smile.

Full mouth dental implants: Used for full mouth restoration, full dental implants can give you a brand new beautiful smile.


Advanced Technology

The best technology, including CBCT imaging, Digital Smile Design, on-site 3D printing, and nSequence are offered at Same Day Smile Designs and allow personalized treatment plans that address your specific needs. CBCT imaging takes 3D-images of your teeth to make precise dental restorations that are unique to your mouth. Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a treatment planning strategy that allows for specific analysis of your mouth, adding yet another tool to personalize and cater to your particular needs. Using nSequencing technique allows for guided, patient-specific application of dental restorations. The artists at Same Day Smile Designs use these innovative technological advances to strategically create a treatment plan that is personally curated for you.

Why not treat yourself and call (949) 751-1579 today to schedule a consultation and get your customized plan for a new smile in one day? Our doctors, Dr. Michael K. Clark and Dr. Ashkan Haeri, at Same Day Smile Designs in our office in Mission Viejo, CA are excited to help you achieve your best smile.



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