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To create the best foundation for your new smile, you may need to undergo preliminary procedures before you can receive dental implants. This is a common situation for many of our patients, and by completing these treatments, including tooth extractions and bone grafting, we can best ensure the success of your dental implants in Mission Viejo, CA.

 Our experienced oral surgeon, Dr. Michael Clark, specializes in dental surgeries related to dental implants and has decades of proven expertise in these procedures. Using the latest innovative technologies and tools, he can expertly prepare your mouth for dental implants with personalized and comfortable treatment. If you’ve been told in the past that you don’t qualify for dental implants, we encourage you to complete a consultation with our esteemed oral surgeon.

Implant Candidacy

You may be concerned to hear that additional procedures may be part of your dental implant treatment process. However, know that our goal with your treatment is to provide you with the most optimal results and a long-lasting solution for your unique situation. This may require that we prepare your jawbone for permanent new teeth. If your bone has deteriorated and lost volume because of tooth loss, we need to rebuild this structure to safely support dental implants long-term.

Similarly, remaining teeth need to be removed to make room for a new, balanced prosthesis of teeth attached to dental implants. Due to our expert surgical and restorative skills and advanced technology, most of our patients can receive these treatments during the same appointment as their dental implant placement. We’ll determine if this same-day treatment is possible after your comprehensive consultation and evaluation.

Personalized Experience

We tailor preliminary treatments to fit the unique needs of each of our patients. You’ll undergo one or both of these procedures only if we determine they’re necessary for the long-term health of your smile with dental implants. With care from Dr. Clark and our experienced restorative dentist, Dr. Ashkan Haeri, you can fully transform your smile and life through our personalized and comprehensive treatment!

Removal of remaining teeth to prepare for full mouth dental implants. Extraction may be accompanied by socket preservation and can be completed on the same day of dental implant placement.

Rebuilding of the upper and/or lower jaw ridge to restore proper volume and density. Ridge augmentation builds up the natural contours and volume of the jaw ridge. A sinus lift restores bone loss beneath the sinus cavity.

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