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Any Level of Anesthesia

To ensure our patients experience a comfortable and pain-free surgery, we offer a comprehensive range of dental anesthesia in Mission Viejo, CA. Our team is trained and licensed to provide personalized anesthesia services, with state-of-the-art equipment and resources to make this possible on-site so you won’t have to go elsewhere for surgery. We offer nitrous oxide, oral sedation, IV sedation, and general anesthesia and will expertly choose the level of anesthesia your situation requires.

Rest assured, if you are feeling anxious or nervous about undergoing dental implant surgery, we prioritize making your procedure as painless and safe as possible. Our oral surgeon, Dr. Michael Clark, is on the State Dental Board General Anesthesia Examiner Panel and is a former instructor for outpatient general anesthesia at Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center. With decades of clinical experience in administering and monitoring all levels of anesthesia, he and our team are here to give you an incredibly comfortable and successful surgery.

Anesthesia Levels Explained

Nitrous oxide breathed through your nose results in euphoric and relaxing feelings that ease anxiety during your surgery. Oral sedation, either used in combination with nitrous or alone, is anti-anxiety medication taken about an hour before your procedure to help you feel relaxed and calm. IV sedation is administered intravenously and can be customized for maximum comfort and pain control. While you’ll remain conscious and responsive to verbal commands, you may feel drowsy and relaxed enough to sleep lightly and wake with little-to-no memory of your appointment. General anesthesia is medically monitored unconsciousness reserved for patients with severe dental phobia and/or existing medical conditions, and those needing extensive treatment.

Benefiting from Anesthesia Services

Comfort in Every Treatment Phase

We’ve helped countless patients experience a comfortable surgery thanks to our comprehensive anesthesia services. But our attentiveness to your comfort and safety doesn’t stop there. From the moment you first arrive at your consultation and every appointment after, we make sure you feel comfortable—in our expertise, your treatment plan, dental implant cost, and every other aspect of your care. As dedicated professionals, we know the importance of creating an atmosphere of trust and comfort, and it’s our highest priority to give you an experience that makes you feel safe and welcomed.

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