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The Unrivaled Value of Dental Implants

If you want to restore tooth function and a natural smile, dental implants are your best option. Unrivaled in their long-term benefits, dental implants can give you your life back by restoring health, function, and beauty to your smile. 

They make it possible to eat a healthy variety of foods, regain your physical health, feel attractive, and socialize confidently. A permanent restoration of your smile, dental implants are truly the best investment you can make for your future quality of life. 

We believe our cost of dental implants near Los Angeles, CA reflects the superior quality of our care and the expertise of our doctors. Undergoing our high-end treatment guarantees you’ll receive the most personalized, comprehensive, and cost-effective treatment for your needs.

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Drs. Clark & Haeri Speak On How Patients Are Quoted On The Price Of Dental Implants.

What Can Affect The Cost Of Dental Implants?

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While cost is certainly a factor, no two patients can be quoted for the same cost of dental implants by Los Angeles, CA unless they have the exact same health profile and tooth loss pattern. The cost of your implants highly depends on what you need reconstructed in your mouth.

Cost Factors

Here at Same Day Smile Designs, we focus on excellence and we stand behind our work. At our practice one size doesn’t fit all.

We’re unique in the Los Angeles area as one of the only implant centers that have both a restorative dentist and an oral surgeon at the same location, allowing you to get expert care with a custom treatment plan suited to each individual patient!

How To Afford Dental Implants

Our goal is to help all our patients receive the life-changing benefits of dental implants. We have no set cost of dental implants as each of our patients present unique situations and oral health problems. 

Our baseline costs are a good way to get an estimate, but depending on your current oral health and the type of treatment plan that we’re perusing, costs can go either up or down from the estimate.

To ensure that you can afford your dental implant treatment, we provide multiple ways to get the money you need. From partnered financing companies to working to with your dental insurance company, we seek to maximize your benefits wherever we can!

Our Payment & Financing Options!

Proceed Finance

Proceed Finance makes it possible to pay for more expensive treatment by breaking payments up over several months. 

With multiple plans personalized to each patient and fixed interest rates, Proceed Finance can be your solution for affording your new smile and life with dental implants.

Cash, Check, Or Credit Card

In most instances, we allow patients to provide payment using cash, check, or credit card. We accept most major credit cards.

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Dental Insurance

We work with most major dental insurances, but since we strive to make our services as affordable as possible, we don’t accept state Medicaid at this time. 

Our insurance coordinator will work closely with you and your insurance provider to help maximize your benefits to ensure you receive the most out of your insurance.

Choose Quality over Cost

We’re aware that many other practices offer dental implants at costs lower to ours. While this may be enticing, there’s a different cost to choosing cheap dental implants—the cost of your smile’s health and function.

Low-cost treatment is due to the inexperience or minimal training of the dentist, cheap materials, and/or lack of dental technology, all of which can lead to disastrous results. It’s wise to choose a team of specialists who have decades of experience in dental implants, utilize advanced surgical technologies, and have the comprehensive knowledge to choose the right materials for your unique case.

Our team at Same Day Smile Designs has over 30 years of combined experience and are specially focused on comprehensive dental implant treatment. Daily, they create personalized treatment plans, complete guided implant surgery, provide anesthesia services, and treat patients with severe bone loss and compromising medical conditions. 

With such advanced technologies as 3D CBCT imaging and nSequence®, our oral surgeon, Dr. Michael Clark, and restorative dentist, Dr. Ashkan Haeri, provide predictable, high-quality treatments with amazing long-term outcomes.

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